Valérie Plante commits to add 300 hybrid buses to the STM fleet by 2020

In brief

In order to offer better service to Montréal's public transit users, Valérie Plante, head of Projet Montréal and aspiring Mayor of Montréal, commits to order 300 hybrid buses the day after the election so that they can be added to the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) fleet by 2020. This addition will enable the STM to meet the 2089 bus in service target set out in its 2020 Strategic Plan. This target was abandoned by the STM this autumn with a less ambitious target postponed to 2025 because of the lack of support from the outgoing administration.



  • Projet Montréal is committed to adding 300 hybrid buses to the STM fleet by 2020.
  • These additions will allow the STM to meet its target of 2089 buses in service in 2020, which is included in its 2020 Strategic Plan.
  • This target was dropped by the STM this fall in its new 2025 Strategic Plan.
  • Between 2013 and 2016, the service offer of the STM bus network decreased, the number of kilometers traveled decreased by 6%.
  • The 2025 STM plan represents a setback in terms of service offerings in the bus network. Indeed, while 84.6 million kilometers were covered by buses in 2016, the strategic plan of the STM sets a target of 74.8 million kilometers traveled by the buses in 2025, a decrease of 16.6% of the service offer.
  • Projet Montréal believes that in order to improve customer experience and increase the service offer, it is necessary to upgrade the STM bus fleet quickly and not postpone the purchase of 300 buses till 2025.



"My first gesture as Mayor will be to add the 300 buses it takes to provide quality service to STM users. At present, with congestion problems in Montreal, public transit is a priority more than ever and it would be irresponsible to delay the upgrading of the bus fleet till 2025. For a Projet Montréal administration, customer experience is a priority, to improve the bus network and to equip the STM with a sufficient fleet by 2020 so that people no longer have to crowd-in like sardines every morning to get to work. - Valérie Plante, Head of Projet Montréal and aspiring Mayor of Montréal


"Everyone who comes to work in the morning tells us that supply is deficient on several major lines. Being crammed like a sardine every morning is not attractive to anyone. This is not the way people will be convinced to leave their cars for public transit. If you want to improve the service, you need more buses. A Projet Montréal administration is therefore committed to completing the fleet of the STM by buying 300 new buses the day after its election." - Craig Sauvé, Projet Montréal's transportation spokesperson and councillor for Saint-Henri-La Petite-Bourgogne-Pointe-Saint-Charles

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