• The goal of this consultation process is to reflect on the party’s future and its mission.

  • The brainstorm is also a way to rethink Projet Montréal’s organizational structure.

  • The party has to renew itself and we cannot wait to restructure our political action!

Projet Montréal members and supporters will be consulted in the coming months on how to improve our organization. Collectively, we need to find the best ways to keep (re)thinking our city for the well-being of its residents, and to create a vibrant, relevant and useful political force.


A series of consultations was conducted in February by our political party.

The results of this consultation process will be discussed and debated during the 2018 Projet Montréal Convention, which will take place on April 29, 2018.

A meeting with all our elected officials gathered in caucus was also held in early March 2018.

Happy brainstorming !