Valérie Plante wants to increase car-sharing offer in Montreal

Valérie Plante

October 12th 2017

In short 

Montrealers mobility needs are great. Yet, in the downtown core, the availability of self-serve vehicles has always been limited by the administration, causing significant parking problems in the boroughs surrounding downtown. Valérie Plante, head of Projet Montréal and aspiring Mayor of Montreal, is committed to correcting this situation and offering, in concert with service providers such as car2go and Communauto, greater VLS availability. To achieve this, Valérie Plante will eliminate the restrictions imposed on car-share services, which limit the number of universal parking vignettes and the types of vehicles offered, and finally open the doors to the city center. Valerie Plante will also promote a greater distribution of the VLS in Montreal.  



  • Restrictions on self-serve vehicles, which limit the number of universal parking spaces and the type of vehicles offered, are a barrier to innovation and service availability for Montrealers.
  • Valerie Plante will work with all partners to develop a new regulatory framework that is fair and grants greater access to car-sharing in Montreal.
  • The Ville-Marie borough, which is currently restricted to electric self-serve vehicles,  will be opened to different car-share options to meet demand and offer Montrealers more options to get downtown.


"Montrealers are demanding more mobility options and we are ready to meet their needs. We are fortunate to have companies ready to offer this service to Montrealers, a service that is appreciated and in demand. It's time to move forward with car-sharing services in Montreal.” - Valérie Plante, Head of Projet Montréal and aspiring Mayor of Montréal

"The streets of Montreal are congested and now the transit system is congested too. It is essential to offer new mobility options to Montrealers so that they can move easily and quickly. Studies show that self-serve vehicles reduce the number of cars on the road. By facilitating their expansion, we will also make life easier for Montrealers.” - Sophie Mauzerolle, candidate for the position of city councilor of Sainte-Marie district


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