Valérie Plante presents a diverse and competent team to lead Montreal for a city hall that resembles us, that brings us together

Montreal - September 22, 2017

In brief

As a 45-day marathon begins to convince Montrealers to bring a Projet Montréal administration to power, Valérie Plante, aspiring Mayor of Montreal, starts the race with a joint, diverse and competent team of 103 candidates . Over the years, Projet Montréal has emerged from its traditional neighborhoods and has won the hearts of many Montrealers. Present in 12 of the 19 boroughs of Montreal, Projet Montréal elected representatives have put their expertise at the service of the citizens. The party has rallied people involved and located in all the boroughs and in various circles, and intends to campaign everywhere on the island of Montreal.


• Projet Montréal is the only party to present a fully parity team to all positions. It is a first in Montreal and a symbolic gesture in municipal politics, where women are traditionally under-represented.

• For mayor positions: 10 women, 9 men.

• For city councilors: 22 women, 24 men.

• For borough councilors: 19 women, 19 men.

• Grand total: 51 women, 52 men.

• In addition to a joint team, Projet Montréal offers Montrealers the opportunity to bring to power the first Mayor in the history of Montréal, Valérie Plante.

• Projet Montréal is committed to setting up a joint executive committee in the aftermath of the election.

• Projet Montréal has set up a special fund for women candidates. Indeed, 10% of the donations made to Projet Montréal will be redistributed to the candidates, which should represent an additional $500 per candidate in this election. The objective is to give a boost to the campaigns of the candidates to ensure the victory of more of them.

• The team of 103 candidates from Projet Montréal is made up of 40% visible minorities, immigration, sexual diversity and persons with disabilities.


"I am proud to present a team that is equal in terms of parity, as well as Montrealers. Only Projet Montréal has been bold and has managed to break the glass ceiling. I intend to put forward this competent and diverse team that will decide with the one man show of the last four years." - Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréal and aspiring Mayor of Montréal

"The next 45 days will be decisive for the future of Montréal, because it will be a matter of choosing between a clear and long-term vision of the City and the rough, impulsive and improvised approach of my opponent. We have to catch up with the accumulated delay in transit development. We must adopt best practices in site management. We have to propose a system of taxation that does not stifle families. Above all, we must offer to Montreal a mayor who can listen to the citizens and leave her ego aside." - Valérie Plante

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