Mount Royal: Projet Montréal Suggests Expanding The Protected Area And Building A Family Park

In brief

To retain families in Montreal, we must provide them with the facilities they need to flourish. This is why Valérie Plante, Projet Montréal Leader Montreal Mayoral Candidate, promises to expand the protected area of ​​Mount Royal by greening the former Royal Victoria parking lot and by creating a family park that will take advantage of the the Hospital’s old pool site. The Ville-Marie borough is sorely lacking in green spaces and does not offer any outdoor swimming pools (besides the Jean-Drapeau Aquatic Complex). With the recent closure of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Valerie Plante believes that we have a great opportunity to provide Montrealers with new, quality facilities they so badly need.





  • Projet Montréal is committed to extending the protected area of ​​Mount Royal in order to create a new family park.
  • The parking lot of the former Royal Victoria Hospital will be greened and the pool located on the side of Mount Royal will be restored and open to the public.
  • The relocation of the Royal Victoria Hospital paves the way for reclaiming more land for public purposes on the flank of the mountain.
  • The Ville-Marie borough does not currently offer any outdoor public pools -except for the Jean-Drapeau aquatic complex, which was closed all summer. Green spaces are also sparse in the borough.
  • The PPU des Grands Jardins recommended the creation of parks for families in this sector of the borough, a recommendation that the outgoing administration ignored in spite of two redevelopment projects: the Domaine des Franciscains and the former Montreal Children’s Hospital sites.
  • The new family park proposed by Projet Montréal, an oasis of freshness in the heart of the city, will truly meet the needs of Montrealers, particularly residents of Ville-Marie.



"The Royal Victoria site, right on the flank of Mount Royal, is precious and must be accessible to Montrealers. While waiting for a new vocation to be found for the old hospital, we have the opportunity to offer citizens a new green space on Mount Royal in addition to a public swimming pool, truly the most beautiful in Montreal. Families in the city are thirsty for outdoor facilities. We will offer them absolutely superb ones.” - Valérie Plante, Projet Montréal Leader and Montreal Mayoral Candidate.

"By greening and revitalizing the old hospital parking lot, and by making its magnificent –and previously hidden- swimming pool accessible, we can create a spacious family park that is sorely lacking for residents, local workers and tourists who visit the city center. - Philippe Tomlinson, Candidate for Mayor of Outremont.

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