Valérie Plante commits to creating an Express Cycle Network in Montreal

Express Cycle Network 

October 6th, 2017

In short

Every day in Montreal, we count 116,000 bicycle trips. Yet, cyclists can only count on few safe infrastructure. Over the past three months, four cyclists have lost their lives on the streets of Montreal. Valérie Plante, Projet Montréal leader and mayoral candidate, is committed to creating an Express Cycle Network (ECN) to provide Montrealers with safe cycling infrastructure. The ECN will lead to the creation of 140 kilometers of secured bike paths spread over 7 major axis for cycling traffic. This project is part of Projet Montréal's bicycle strategy, which aims to ensure the safety of all users, improve the existing network by creating missing cycling links, improve access to the downtown area and better serve isolated neighbourhoods.



  • The Express Cycle Network will provide Montrealers with a secure cycling network on major roads to provide cyclists with a direct, fast and safe connection to their workplace.
  • The Express Cycle Network will serve cyclists on busy roads, favoring secure crossings on major roads and underpasses to ensure north-south and east-west connectivity. Here are the axis that will be proposed and submitted to a public consultation:
    • Thimens / Vendôme
    • de Castelnau / Place d'Armes
    • Gouin / Notre-Dame E.
    • Anjou / Hippodrome
    • Viau / Van Horne
    • Pied-du-Courant / Vendôme
    • Tétreaultville / Lachine Canal
  • The ECN, which will eventually offer 140 kilometers of unidirectional protected cycle paths, will be deployed over a four-year horizon, at a rate of 35 kilometers per year.
  • Alongside the implementation of the ECN, Projet Montréal is committed to increasing the safety of users of the Montreal cycling network by implementing the following infrastructure:
    • 20 bike boxes per year
    • Advanced stop lines for bikes
    • Anti-dooring buffer zones
    • Redesign of dangerous underpasses
  • Projet Montréal will also ensure that more bike parking is available and will work closely with the SPVM and other partners to counter the scourge of bicycle theft.
  • In order to adequately serve isolated neighbourhoods, Projet Montréal will improve the connectivity of existing bike links by completing the missing sections, notably to link Montreal’s bike network to Parc-Extension, Saint-Michel, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Le Sud-Ouest, Verdun and Lachine.
  • An analysis by Polytechnique Montréal shows that 22% of car trips would be transferable to bike trips if safe infrastructure was offered, thereby freeing up space on our congested roads.


"So many Montrealers would like to ride their bikes on a daily basis, but they do not dare to do so because the infrastructure is unsafe and they fear for their lives. Montreal’s bike network was built in the 1980s and is no longer adapted to our reality. New infrastructure needs to be built to meet the needs of today's cyclists. I travel by bike every day and I see how many problems there are and how great the need is. With my team, which has an unrivaled experience in cycling issues, I will be able to offer a safe, efficient cycling network worthy of the best cycling cities.” - Valérie Plante, Projet Montréal leader and Montreal mayoral candidate

"The current administration never took cycling issues seriously and was content, for four years, to merely paint lines on pavement worn with potholes. Montrealers deserve better than a stagnant network that does not favour the safety of its users. By implementing the Express Cycle Network, we will address an urgent need to secure a busy network that is used every day by tens of thousands of cyclists. It is an emergency plan that will of course have to be further developed and enhanced.” - Marianne Giguère, Projet Montréal spokesperson for cycling issues and city councillor candidate in De Lorimier district

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