Valérie Plante commits to developing a prime family oriented neighbourhood in the sector of the Hippodrome

 Family neighbourhood Hippodrome

October 5th 2017

In brief

Valerie Plante, Projet Montreal leader and Montreal mayoral candidate, plans to turn the sector of the Hippodrome into a prime example of a family oriented neighborhood in Montreal. This new neighborhood will accommodate 16,000 new residents, will offer 60% family housing and will include 3 schools, 3 parks, 2 daycare centers, a library, and local stores. Located close to the metro, this new neighborhood has the potential to become a model for Montreal. In fact, the planning of the Hippodrome site will make it possible to establish the criteria for a new certification of “Family oriented neighborhood”, which will require developers to offer family housing, schools, daycare centers, parks, and local stores on the same site in order to obtain this certification.



  • Projet Montreal is committed to creating a prime family oriented neighborhood on the site of the Hippodrome of Montreal.

  • This sector of 53 hectares allows for the construction of 8100 units of housing, including close to 5000 family housing units of 3 or more bedrooms.

  • On average, these housing units will have a surface area of 1100 feet squared.

  • Social housing units will constitute 20% of housing in this new neighborhood, as will be the case for affordable housing.

  • Three parks, three schools, two daycare centers and a library will be constructed in the neighborhood.

  • Proximity services (pharmacy, grocery store, restaurants, cafés, etc.) will also be offered in this new family oriented neighborhood.

  • The development of the Hippodrome site will allow for the establishment of criteria for a new certification “Family oriented neighborhood”.

  • This certification will require that developers that would like to be certified, offer family housing, schools, daycare centers, parks and local stores on the same site.

  • Between 2000 and 2016, the number of children under the age of 15 in Montreal decreased by 30,000. The creation of family oriented neighborhoods would curb the exodus of families.

  • Following the example of innovative development projects, the Hippodrome site will be planned according to the most recent standards in sustainable development and focusing particularly on public transit and active transport.



“With its proximity to the metro and several major roads, the Hippodrome offers an exceptional location for the development of a new neighborhood that could welcome 16,000 residents. Projet Montreal will seize this unique opportunity to develop a neighborhood designed with the needs of Montreal families in mind. Of the neighborhood that will be developed on the site of the Hippodrome, we want to create a model that will attract and keep more families in the city.” - Valerie Plante, leader of Projet Montreal and aspiring mayor of Montreal

 “This new family oriented neighborhood which will be developed on the Hippodrome site will offer families what they can find and what they appreciate about the central boroughs: larger housing units, schools, daycare centres. Parks, local stores, access to public transit. Unfortunately, these neighborhoods have become unaffordable for so many over time. Projet Montreal will not make the same mistakes as the previous administration which, between 2000 and 2016, let 30,000 children under the age of 15 and their families cross the bridge.“ - Magda Popeanu, city councilor for the district Côte-des-Neiges

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