Governance and ethics

Ethics, integrity and transparency are pillars of Projet Montréal democracy. Here is how we enforce those values in our party.

Party statutes

Projet rules and regulations 


Harassment Prevention and Intervention Policy

Equity and Inclusion Policy

Fundraising rules

  • As soon as the election is called, a list of our donors who gave more than $100 will be made public, and we will publish the names of new donors in the 48 hours following reception of donation;

  • For all donation exceeding $200, Projet Montréal’s official agent will follow-up with the contributor to ensure that it is a entirely selfless. In case of doubt, the un cashed cheque will be returned to the contributor.

  • Projet Montréal will hold no funding activities for which flat participation costs exceed $200

  • Even though the law authorizes each party to spend more than 1.5 million $ in electoral spending, Projet Montréal will voluntarily limit its 2013 electoral campaign revenue and spending to $750 000.

Financial reports

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Donors list

Projet list of contributors who gave more than $100 (2016)