Green Electoral Fund

The ecological transition and the fight against climate change are among our core values. With the Green Electoral Fund, the environment will be more than ever at the centre of our priorities, and this concern will now be reflected in all of Projet Montréal's activity.

Choosing to be more eco-responsible means choosing to shake up our old ways of doing things, it means choosing to look in the mirror and decide to be consistent, to the very end, with the ideals that drive our party.

The Green Electoral Fund is our commitment to adopt the best practices of eco-responsibility in our events and election campaigns. Starting now.

Funded by your donations, the Green Fund will allow us to engage in exemplary environmental behaviours by acting on these four main areas: 

- Printed materials

- Transportation

- Communications

- Events

Currently, the maximum contribution is temporarily raised to $200 for all electors of the City of Montreal until April 14, 2020. 

This is why you are invited, for our annual cocktail, to participate in our effort by contributing to Projet Montréal's Green Electoral Fund. The part of your donation that exceeds the price of the ticket ($100) will be entirely donated to this Green Electoral Fund.

Confirm your presence at Projet Montréal's Annual Cocktail and make an extra donation to help make our party even greener.