Valérie Plante commits to tackle homelessness with a global action plan

Montreal - October 20th, 2017

In brief

Despite efforts by the City of Montreal and its partners, social housing and community services have been operating at full capacity for decades, and have not made a dent in the problem of homelessness. Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréal and candidate for Mayor of Montreal, is committed to adopting a comprehensive action plan to fight homelessness, which will allow for progress on the issue. This plan will put in place mobile intervention units, better support for existing services, the construction of 300 units of housing per year, the creation of an information service through 211, and finally the publication by the SPVM of an annual report on the state of socioeconomic profiling in Montreal.


• Projet Montréal is committed to the adoption of a comprehensive action plan to fight homelessness.
• This plan will allow progress in the fight against homelessness, before it becomes a chronic issue.
• The comprehensive plan will include investments in a network of resources and day centres for homeless people in at-risk neighbourhoods.
• This plan will put in place mobile intervention units in partnership with community resources of Montreal neighbourhoods allowing for the development of a strategy of decentralized intervention responding to the needs of homeless people outside the downtown core.
• This plan will reinforce the support of resources available downtown, notably rapid response and multidisciplinary emergency teams.
• Projet Montréal will also build 300 housing or transitional units per year for 10 years, for people in a state of housing insecurity or at-risk populations.
• A comprehensive reference platform will be put in place to offer answers to the questions of citizens, thereby reducing pressure on emergency services. This platform will be reachable at 211.
• Projet Montréal will insist that the SPVM produces a biannual report on the state of socioeconomic profiling.
• Projet Montréal will ensure that training adapted to the realities of homelessness will be offered to SPVM agents and employees of the STM, in order to avoid the criminalization of homeless populations and to prevent physical altercations.


“Thousands of Montrealers are experiencing homelessness. Housing resources and community services have been operating at full capacity for decades. It is time to put in place a real plan to concretely fight against homelessness. The measures that we hope to put in place will allow progress towards preventing homelessness. We must also offer vital resources, notably in terms of affordable housing.” - Valérie Plante, chef of Projet Montréal and candidate for Mayor of Montreal.

“If we want to reduce homelessness downtown, we have to invest in the network of resources that we have in Montreal. By collaborating closely with different stakeholders and adopting a comprehensive action plan, we can close the gap on eliminating homelessness in Montreal. Investing in the development of a 211 service will improve rapid responses to emergency cases amongst Montreal residents, and will ensure that vulnerable people receive quality services.” - Robert Beaudry, candidate for city council in the Saint-Jacques district.

“Homelessness has several faces in Montreal and it’s by making progress that we’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of Montrealers and the most vulnerable.” - Sterling Downey, candidate for city council in Verdun and Projet Montréal spokesperson for homelessness.

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