For the past four years, Montrealers have been victims of improvised and impulsive decision-making. Now, Montreal's ready for something new. Valerie Plante has a bold and unifying leadership style, and won't back down from any challenge as she works hard to improve our city.

It's time to choose elected officials who know how to put their ego aside. It's time to turn the page on the old ways of doing things with the same old politicians. Valérie Plante is betting that through planning and good management, she'll be able to put Montrealers' interests first.


On November 5th, Montrealers will have a choice between two visions for the future of their city. It's time to give ourselves a mayor and a team that will work for all citizens in every neighborhood. Valérie Plante has an ambitious plan connected to our reality, and she needs all of us to make it happen. Together, let's elect Valérie as Mayor.