Projet Montreal supports the Montreal Irish Monument Park Project

In short

Projet Montréal reiterates its support for the Montreal Irish Community Park Project and will make sure a significant place is reserved on the site of the ancient burial grounds at Black Rock. Projet Montréal believes the Black Rock site holds significant importance that must be preserved. In 1847, 6,000 Irish immigrants – one of Montreal’s founding people - died of typhus.



  • Projet Montréal clearly asked the City to make sure the Montreal Irish Community Park Project would move forward in May 2017.
  • The outgoing administration has been dragging its heels on this file for the last four years.
  • Projet Montréal vows to make things move so that an appropriate memorial site is set up rapidly.
  • Projet Montréal also wants to recognize the heroic efforts of the Grey Nuns, volunteers and our 'Martyr Mayor,' John Easton Mills, who gave their lives tending to those sick with Typhus.
  • Projet Montréal would also like this park to honor all of the other Montrealers who provided help and care to the dying Irish of 1847. It was a period when all languages, religions and cultures were forgotten – when French speaking citizens opened their doors to the many orphans from this terrible event; when the First Nations provided both funds and food to help the effort; when British soldiers tended to the Irish; when recent documents note that the Jewish community had members on the site to help – and so many of these caregivers also caught typhus and died. It was a time when all Montrealers and Quebecers came together in a massive humanitarian effort to comfort these poor immigrants and should not be forgotten.



“I feel if we really want to pay proper homage to the thousands of Irish who lost their lives in Montreal and whose descendants helped build our city, the creation of a proper memorial would be a real legacy to our city.” - Craig Sauvé, city councillor for Saint-Henri–La Petite-Bourgogne–Pointe-Saint-Charles.

“Amongst all organizations involved in this work, the Montreal Irish Community Park Foundation have done important groundwork on this project and must be part of this dialogue.” – Benoit Dorais, borough mayor for Le Sud-Ouest


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