Projet Montréal applauds the hard work of the OCPM and reaffirms its opposition to the Pierrefonds-Ouest housing development.

Montreal - October 2nd, 2017

In brief
Last May, Projet Montréal proposed the creation of the first national urban park on the island of Montréal. Valérie Plante, the leader of Projet Montréal and mayoral candidate strongly condemns the outgoing mayor’s plan to develop Montreal’s largest green space. Sadly, the incumbent mayor of Montreal wants to ignore the recommendations of the OCPM and build a housing development of 5500 units right in the heart of Pierrefonds-West. The decision to go forward is senseless and inconsistent, it also lacks transparency and social acceptability. Valerie Plante has voiced her opposition to the development at many occasions, most notably at the “Debout pour l’Anse-à-l’Orme” rally of last May. At this rally, Projet Montréal committed to protect the green spaces by pledging to create the first national urban park on the island of Montreal.  
- After an exhaustive four month consultation, the OCPM tabled a report criticising the lack of transparency surrounding the Pierrefonds development project.
- Projet Montréal is against the creation of a housing development in the heart of Montreal’s biggest and last green space.
- Projet Montréal proposes the creation of the first national urban park on the island of Montréal.
"The citizens of Pierrefonds-Roxboro will have to choose between two competing visions for the development of their borough: One vision where the mayoralty actively listens to the concern of citizens and the OCPM or a vision that will not. Projet Montreal listens to citizens and will give an urban park to Montréal families where they will be able to practice all sorts of activities and where they will be able to enjoy nature in the city."  - Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montreal and aspiring mayor of Montreal.
"My team in Pierrefonds- Roxboro wants to protect green spaces and the agricultural lands of l'Anse-à-l'Orme from the housing project situated in Pierrefonds-Ouest. Ross Stitt our candidate in the district Cap-Saint-Jacques has been fighting to protect these green spaces since day one.  We need to protect this natural treasure, while at the same time give access to the territory to citizens." - Hélène Dupont, Projet Montréal candidate for borough mayor in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

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