Valérie Plante commits to a plan to support local merchants

Montreal - October 25th, 2017

In brief

Local businesses are an essential component of Montreal’s neighbourhood life. In order to support them and aid their development, Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréal and aspiring Mayor of Montreal, proposes an ambitious local commerce plan. A plan that is truly rooted in the reality faced by merchants and that will meet their needs. A set of measures will be put forward in this plan: a reduction in bureaucracy, a review of their tax burden, compensation measures during construction, a better urban design for commercial streets and the creation of a “Made in Montreal” trademark. To encourage Montrealers to go into business and enliven commercial arteries, it is important to make their lives easier.


- Projet Montréal commits to adopt an ambitious local commerce plan to better support Montreal’s local businesses, which are one of our city’s greatest treasures.
- A set of actions will be put forward to support local businesses: better roadwork management, a reduction in bureaucracy, a more equitable taxation system, compensation measures during construction and a “Made in Montreal” trademark.
- Projet Montréal will create a personalized service for entrepreneurs in every borough. This will allow business owners to get answers to their questions more easily and quickly.
- Online licensing will also be made possible in some cases to make things easier for merchants.
- Projet Montréal also wishes to review taxation to establish a fairer tax regime for small businesses and "mom and pop shops", and examine among other things the possibility of introducing special tax rates for commercial or community-based vocations.
- To minimize the impact of construction sites on businesses and their customers, Projet Montréal proposes to adapt site layouts to the reality of commercial arteries and compensate affected business-owners.


“The success of local businesses is reflected in the success of Montreal, which is why we need to support them and offer them an environment that is favourable to their success. It is time to see local businesses as full partners to the City and to put forward the necessary measures to make their lives easier. To envision this, I met with business owners to better understand their reality and hear their needs.” – Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréal and aspiring Mayor of Montreal

“Healthy commercial arteries have a direct impact on our neighbourhoods’ quality of life. This is why we need to ensure that we support them properly. The challenges that await local businesses are great: online shopping, the arrival of large retailers and the construction of new mega shopping centers make it that much harder for local retailers to survive.” – Philipe Tomlinson, mayoral candidate in Outremont  


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