Saint-Henri takes back its Place!

Montreal, October 13, 2017 - "With Valérie Plante as Mayor, Place Saint-Henri will reclaim its significance as a place for the people of the neighbourhood and will contribute to our efforts to revitalize Notre-Dame Street all while supporting commercial activity along Saint-Jacques Street," said Mayor Benoit Dorais, along with Craig Sauvé and Sophie Thiébaut, councillors for the Saint-Henri-Est-Petite-Bourgogne-Pointe-Saint-Charles-Griffintown district.

Place Saint-Henri had already been at the heart of a very dynamic and prosperous neighbourhood that had developed around it. This important institutional intersection gradually lost its importance with the demolition of several landmark buildings in the 1960s and 1970s. "The vision we propose, resulting from different workshops with the population, is exciting! It responds to the needs of residents and users in terms of mobility, social cohesion and economic development," said Benoit Dorais, adding that a co-creation approach with local residents will be put in place to develop the final design.

"At present, Place Saint-Henri merely a transit corridor, but by creating a better, safer and more friendly urban interface with the neighbourhood, we can recreate the community spirit that will ensure that people will not just cross through, but will want to stay, relax, and meet their neighbours.” added Sophie Thiébaut.

"It's very exciting to think that we can make the heart of Saint-Henri beat again! The Place will be a important gathering place for example between Notre-Dame Street, Fire Station 23, the Metro, Saint-Henri High School, and Saint-Jacques street. The table is set for chagne and we want to involve the community to make this project a real success, "said Craig Sauvé.

A safe, enjoyable environment

A Projet Montréal administration with Benoit Dorais as mayor promises to make Place Saint-Henri a meeting place accompanied with a project commemorating the history and vitality of Saint-Henri.

Furthermore :

• We will green the place everywhere possible.

• We will develop a community project on the Montreal-owned parking lot.

Ensuring active transport in the area is safe will be paramount. Hence the importance of the overpass project above the Sainte-Marguerite tunnel and the extension Premier-Chemin-de-Fer bike path.

Also, we will narrow the Place Saint-Henri street, which will make it possible to create a safer pedestrian crossing.

Also :

• Pedestrian and cycling passages under the railway track will be secured

• The development of the ‘shared-street’ concept on Charlebois, where parking has been replaced by a pedestrian lane, will be finalized

• The intersections of Notre-Dame and Saint-Jacques streets will be reconfigured for safety.

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