Let's improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists on Sherbrooke at Decarie and Girouard. Sign if you agree!

For safer intersections on Sherbrooke!

We the pedestrians along Sherbrooke St. demand all-traffic-stopped pedestrian signals at the Girouard St. and Décarie Blvd intersections.

We the cyclists of NDG demand a 15-second bike and pedestrian only phase to cross Décarie Blvd along the de Maisonneuve bike path.

We the drivers of NDG demand that Transport Quebec and City honor the promise of the 2007 MUHC traffic plan and build an access ramp to A-15 northbound from St. Jacques when the new bridge is finished (presenting detailed engineering plans ASAP) so that traffic volumes on Sherbrooke St. can be reduced and the above safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists can be implemented.

Furthermore, we ask that the engineers explore the possibility of adding an exit from A-15 southbound to St. Jacques at the same time.

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