Projet Montreal has a dedicated team of permanent employees that are in charge of the activities, day to day operations of the party. The staff is also in charge of providing services to the members of the party. 

Raphaëlle Rinfret-Pilon - Director General

Having just recently held the position of strategic advisor at Dynamo, Raphaëlle has vast experience in community development. She was formerly the adjoint-director of the CDC of Centre-Sud and worked in multiple community organisations that support immigrant families and women. She started to get involved in the party a few years ago, due to the visions and ideas that the members and the party have for our city. It is for this reason that she has decided to become the chief director of the party.

Raphaëlle stood out due to her leadership capabilities and her extensive experience. Her job is to ensure the proper management and administration of the party and its organisation.

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514-390-0792, ext: 345

Julien Acosta - Director of Communications 

After taking a break from politics for seven years, Julien has renewed his engagement in his favourite passion, politics, for which he appreciates for its complexities, it's never changing nature and the great potential that it has to do good. Having first worked with the Bloc Quebecois, which now seems like a long time ago, Julien started out as a writer at the leader’s office, and then as a political attaché for the MP for Saint-Lambert. He then started a new career path in January of 2011, by becoming the new communications director for the Conseil de presse du Québec, where he developed a keen understanding of Quebec’s media landscape. He holds a degree in philosophy and politics at the university of Ottawa.

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Francis Khoury - Outreach

Fascinated by current events since his childhood, Francis

Passionné d’actualité depuis sa jeunesse, Francis was able to combine business with pleasure when he left his pure and applied science background to pursue a degree in political science at Université de Montréal. In 2015, he combined his master's studies with a first experience in active politics as an attaché to a federal MP. His time on the digital communications team of one of the major parties during the 2018 Quebec election also left a strong impression on him.

A new resident of Montreal who has long lived in the suburbs, he has always considered himself a Montrealer at heart and in spirit.

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Nathalie Pierre - Administrative Agent

Biography coming soon!


Alexandre Huet - Community Liaison Officer

With a Bachelor's degree in International Development and Globalization and a Master's degree in Conflict Studies, Alexandre Huet has been active in politics at the House of Commons in Ottawa since 2011, while working for the MP for Sherbrooke. He then held, until February 2019, several other positions such as national training coordinator, regional organizer, parliamentary assistant and riding assistant for the MPs of Rimouski-Neigette - Témiscouata - Les Basques and Hochelaga. His experience in politics has allowed him to travel across Canada working on several election campaigns, including the 2017 municipal campaign, where he was co-campaign manager of the borough of Ville-Marie for Projet Montréal in 2017.

After his time in Ottawa, Alexandre moved to Montreal where, until recently, he worked in the mayor's office as a political attaché for public events.

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Béatrice Saulnier-Yelle - Communications Officer

With a Master's degree in public communications - public relations from Université Laval and a Bachelor's degree in digital media communications from UQAM, Béatrice has recently taken her first steps in the world of political communications. After completing various freelance writing and editing contracts, working in a public relations agency and as a member of the communications team of the Quebec City Tourism Office, Béatrice is now using her writing and communications skills to help Projet Montréal.

Maxime Jong - Borough Support

Maxime holds a master's degree in strategy, social and environmental responsibility from UQAM, and is also a graduate of a microprogram in analysis and international strategy from the Université de Montréal and training in circular economy from CERIUM and the EDDEC Institute. He is driven by the "Ubuntu" philosophy, an art of living that places compassion and the common good at the heart of all actions.

After 6 years in entrepreneurship as founder of a collaborative economy platform in Montreal and after 5 years in a consulting firm, he was hired as a campaign strategy consultant. Since 2016, he has been running election campaigns in Quebec and around the world, bringing to the forefront the issues of inclusive development, sustainable development and youth entrepreneurship.

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Alex Bédard - Graphic Designer

A graduate in graphic design from UQAM, Alex has over 10 years of experience in graphic design with progressive and committed organizations. He is particularly interested in the intersection of visual production and social impact. Fresh from his work as a designer with the Molotov cooperative, he decided to enter municipal politics with Projet Montréal in order to contribute concretely to the political life of his adopted city.

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Itai Azerrad - Anglophone Liaison

i[email protected]

Fabio De Sa - Political Attache

A political enthusiast since his early teens, Fabio has always been involved in politics one way or another. Having grown up in Villeray, he has been involved since 2012 in a neighborhood organization and, since 2019, on its board of directors. He was also the general coordinator of the student union at his CEGEP, and then became involved in various causes at university, as a result of his political science course at UQAM.

He was also involved in a provincial political party as a mobilization officer for the local association of his childhood neighborhood, in addition to having volunteered for Projet Montréal during the 2017 municipal campaign. Fabio now joins the team as a political attaché and liaison officer.

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Official agent:
Carole LeRoux
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