The Projet Montréal team in the Sud-Ouest is fed up with the inadequate frequency, unreliability, and delays regularly experienced along our bus lines. Users deserve better! Join us in demanding a more dependable bus service in our borough!

Improving Bus service in the Sud-Ouest

The 36-Monk, 37-Jolicoeur, 61-Wellington, 78-Laurendeau and 107-Verdun bus lines serve several neighbourhoods and connect a number of metro stations (Angrignon, Monk, Jolicoeur, De l'Église, Place St-Henri, Lionel-Groulx, Charlevoix, Vendome and Square Victoria-ICAO). However, the service of these bus lines leaves much to be desired. The frequency and reliability of the service are insufficient for the needs of users. The STM must respect and improve its transit schedules, and the city must invest more to allow them to do so! If you believe that we deserve a reliable bus service in the Sud-Ouest, please add your name to the petition!

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