Valérie Plante will build a waterfront boardwalk in Jean-Drapeau Park

Montreal - October 14th, 2017

In brief

Valérie Plante believes that the views of Montrealers concerning the redevelopment of Jean-Drapeau Park should have been a priority. With the goal of offering a real redesign useful for all Montrealers, the leader of Projet Montréal and mayoral candidate promises to review the redevelopment plan of Jean-Drapeau Park, and to create a waterfront boardwalk on Île Sainte-Hélène. This new boardwalk will offer Montrealers better access to the St. Lawrence River, and an exceptional view of the city. The boardwalk will be half a kilometer long and will link “La Ronde” to the “Place des Nations” and will be accessible to all Montrealers who wish to enjoy Jean-Drapeau Park, unlike the amphitheatre.




- Projet Montréal promises to create a waterfront boardwalk in Jean-Drapeau Park. The boardwalk will be half a kilometre long. It will link “La Ronde” sector to the “Place des Nations”.

- This new boardwalk will give Montrealers access to the Saint-Lawrence River, and offer an exception view of the city.

- The outgoing administration has for all intents and purposes left the waterfront out from the redesign plan of Jean-Drapeau Park.

- At a time where important investments are required by the city, the outgoing administration has decided that the current boardwalk project will only be the object of minor renovations, which will offer a modest increase in panoramic views of the city and will lightly highlight interactions with the river.

- Projet Montréal will take advantage of the public consultation held by the OCPM on the redevelopment of park Jean-Drapeau to refine its proposal of an urban boardwalk that will inspire all Montrealers.

- This project will not increase costs because it will draw from the same funds as the current redesign of the Jean-Drapeau Park.


"The waterfront boardwalk is the only part of the redesign of park Jean -Drapeau destined to serve all Montrealers. The amphitheatre has been conceived with the idea to service one private promoter. Its disappearance is a mistake that Projet Montréal will correct, in order to give young people, families, seniors, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, all Montrealers a development of quality." - Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréal and mayoral candidate

"The waterfront boardwalk currently exists in name only in the plans of Jean-Drapeau Park. With the closure of the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit, and the closure of the aquatic complex Montrealers have lost a great deal. We have to come up with a solution where Montrealers can have access to the St. Lawrence River and to installations conceived for them even though there is ongoing construction." - Alain Vaillancourt, critic for sports and recreation

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